Fine Art Print

The Fine Art Print

Fine art printing: introduction

The term Fine Art stand for that the Art usually to indicate great opera like pictures. However with the term fine art prints often indicates a certain type of print destined to last. This type of printing is carried out using supports and inks that are able to make a high quality print.

In order to be defined as a Fine Art print, it must comply with certain requirements such as, for example, be carried out on cotton paper or 100% alpha cellulose paper with water-resistant pigment inks.

Compared to a traditional print (the one chemistry we say in a generic way) it has a cost significantly & nbsp; higher. & Nbsp; But & nbsp; between the two prints, often, even an untrained eye is able to catch the differences. Obviously, it is not enough to use suitable materials and equipment to have good prints. This is because the printing process must be done with some care. In the next articles, we will deal with the topics better.

For a first information on the various types of prints see the article on the photo printing.

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