We do our work with great passion. And we know how to print. And we print well. We want our customers to be happy that the printing of their images is done flawlessly. For this we offer the 100% satisfaction warranty.

In any case, in order to access the 100% satisfied warranty, the customer must send us, within 5 days of receiving the order, the request for access to the guarantee and the reason for not being satisfied with the product received. In any case, we need to monitor the quality of our work.

If the return is due to a defect in the processing, the cost of the return shipment will always be at our expense. In case of any defect in the print, we will organize to collect the product at your address and we will reprint your image and send it back without any charge.

If the return is due to any other reason the cost for the return will be at your expense, but refundable by paypal if you have chosen this as a payment method.

Returned or reprinted

If you are not 100% satisfied you can ask for a refund or reprint. Upon receipt of the package we will refund or reprint as per your request. In case of reprint it is necessary to receive more information about the lack of satisfaction so that the reprint may have your satisfaction.

Limitations of the warranty

For orders of higher entities, over 150 Eur, or multiple copies, we cannot guarantee the return or reprint, so it would be good to do some tests before proceeding in large order. In any case we will try to agree together on how to proceed so that you have 100% satisfaction.

In the event that the file supplied is not technically adequate for the requested print format, we will notify the customer and if it is not possible to have an adequate file we cannot guarantee that the print result will be adequate to our standards, therefore we cannot offer 100% satisfaction guarantee though, we will do everything to make the print quality acceptable.

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