Hahnemühle Matt Fibre
Light Panels

Ultra HD print with a matt finish and fine art methodology, mounted on a 10mm light panel. Please select a size.

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  • 8X12cm 3x5inches
  • 10x10cm 4x4inches
  • 9x13cm 4x5inches
  • 10x15cm 4x6inches
  • 12x18cm 5x7inches
  • 15x15cm 6x6inches
  • 13x18cm 5x7inches
  • 13x19cm 5x7inches
  • 15x20cm 6x8inches
  • 15x22cm 6x9inches
  • 16x24cm 6x9inches
  • 20x20cm 8x8inches
  • 18x27cm 7x11inches
  • 20x25cm 8x10inches
  • 20x30cm 8x12inches
  • 25x25cm 10x10inches
  • 24x30cm 9x12inches
  • 25x30cm 10x12inches
  • 24x36cm 9x14inches
  • 25x35cm 10x14inches
  • 30x30cm 12x12inches
  • 30x40cm 12x16inches
  • 20x60cm 8x24inches
  • 35x35cm 14x14inches
  • 30x45cm 12x18inches
  • 40x40cm 16x16inches
  • 30x60cm 12x24inches
  • 40x60cm 16x24inches
  • 50x50cm 20x20inches
  • 30x90cm 12x36inches
  • 40x80cm 16x32inches
  • 50x70cm 20x28inches
  • 60x60cm 24x24inches
  • 50x75cm 20x30inches
  • 60x80cm 24x32inches
  • 60x90cm 24x36inches
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?The file sent is ready to print. It is already verified with the correct paper profile using a calibrated high end monitor.
?The file sent will be adapted to the paper for better result.
?The file will be developed in post production tool. You will check the result before to print it.
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From: 11,908,30

Ultra HD matt print with a matt finish and fine art methodology, mounted on a 10mm light panel.

This post is also available in: itItaliano

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8X12cm 3x5inches, 10x10cm 4x4inches, 9x13cm 4x5inches, 10x15cm 4x6inches, 12x18cm 5x7inches, 15x15cm 6x6inches, 13x18cm 5x7inches, 13x19cm 5x7inches, 15x20cm 6x8inches, 15x22cm 6x9inches, 16x24cm 6x9inches, 20x20cm 8x8inches, 18x27cm 7x11inches, 20x25cm 8x10inches, 20x30cm 8x12inches, 25x25cm 10x10inches, 24x30cm 9x12inches, 25x30cm 10x12inches, 24x36cm 9x14inches, 25x35cm 10x14inches, 30x30cm 12x12inches, 30x40cm 12x16inches, 20x60cm 8x24inches, 35x35cm 14x14inches, 30x45cm 12x18inches, 40x40cm 16x16inches, 30x60cm 12x24inches, 40x60cm 16x24inches, 50x50cm 20x20inches, 30x90cm 12x36inches, 40x80cm 16x32inches, 50x70cm 20x28inches, 60x60cm 24x24inches, 50x75cm 20x30inches, 60x80cm 24x32inches, 60x90cm 24x36inches


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